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Castle Hall loading screen

Castle Hall is the central location of the game, and the residence of The TaskMaker.

Upon arriving at Outer Terra in the beginning of the game, the player must first go to Castle Hall and talk to The TaskMaker before progressing. The TaskMaker will then state the mission. After retrieving the item requested of the TaskMaker, the player must return it to him in Castle Hall, where they will then be told which item to retrieve next, and where to find it.

Throughout the game, the player may return to Castle Hall to purchase items from the many shops available. Castle Hall is also an ideal place to heal the player, as the few monsters within it are either not angered, or hidden within the much harder to access inner sanctums.

A major secret is that the center fountain contains a Guardian boomerang. The switch to make it accessible is in the back of the castle, behind the TaskMaker.

"This wonderful city is the heart of this world. You may buy, sell, adventure and rest, just don't upset the folks. Have a drink and listen to the gossip as this is your home away from home for a while." - In-game description


  • Perform the TaskMaker's Tasks
  • Defeat the TaskMaker


  • TaskMaker


  • TaskMaker
  • Chew: 150 HP, 175 PW, Neutral, Normal
    • N:"Can you find the hidden key shop?"
    • H:"Wanna watch Trek?"
  • Ritu: 230 HP, 365 PW, Neutral, Happy
    • H:"I've got a joke for ya'!"
  • Woman on the street
  • Common Thief: 231 HP, 370 PW, Evil, Normal
    • N:"There is honor between us."
    • H:"May you live all the days of your life."
  • C.C.:
    • N:"Would you like to swing on a star?"
    • H:"Rock'n, rock'n, ROCK AND ROLL!"
  • Pete
    • H: "How's it going?"
  • Oooze
    • N:"*DRIP*."
    • H:"Smooj, smooj, smooj."


Switch room north of Madison Brew:

  • Wand o' frost: 39:98
  • Leather armor: 39,94

A closet in the galleria:

  • Healing Potion: 57,29
  • Hammer: 58,29
  • Spoiled Apple: 58,28

A closet behind the galleria:

  • Spinach, Rations x2 66,27
  • Home cooked meal x3, Iron Rations x2 66,28
  • Silver pieces x2, Gold pieces, Rations 66,29

The west shore:

  • Invisibility spell: 64,17
  • Diamonds: 24,16

Easter EggsEdit

Text tiles in the wall north of Madison Brew and east of the Spades Wall read:


Shops & UtilitiesEdit


Item Cost
Cloth armor 100
Leather armor 800
Cured leather 2000
Chain mail 12000
Bronze chain mail 23000
Elven chain mail 35000
Silver plate mail 42000
Elven plate mail 52000
Guardian Armor 61000
Mind helm 750
Silver helmet 2100
Lancelot Helm 24000
Leather boots 100
Elven boots 5000
Boots o' speed 50000
Leather gloves 2200
Belt 10
Belt o' agility 4000
Bracers 100
Gold bands 1000
Small shield 50
Oval shield 500
Silver shield 2000
Scaled shield 7500
Zoom Shield 30000
Amulet o' will 2000
Strength Amulet 6500
Robe 25
Enhanced cloak 700
Cursor's cloak 7000
Invisible cloak 20000
Vision cloak 40000
Protection ring 3000
Hide but heal ring 7000
Haste ring 32000
Food ring 12000
Gold protection ring 15000
Improved Regenerate 22000
Repulsion Ring 30000
Power Regeneration 31000

Hammer - RangeEdit

Hammer - Range
Item Cost
Boomerang 250
Stealth boomerang 30000
Maxwell's Hammer 35000
Javelin o' Pierce 50625
Sling 150
Blow gun 1521
Wooden slingshot 150
Poison darts 6000
Short bow 75
Long bow 200
Heavy bow 2756
Heavy crossbow 4000
Gold crossbow 8100
Accurate Bow 27225
Bow o' Slaying 50625

Hammer - MeleeEdit

Hammer - Melee
Item Cost
Sword 100
Broad sword 300
Bronze sword 625
Silver sword 4000
Silver long sword 8000
Two handed long sword 11000
Gold long sword 35000
Slay Blade 40000
Vorpal Blade 58000
Tomahawk 3600
Silver axe 3600
Amber axe 45000
Mace 144
Zelphon's Mace 62000
Butter knife 1
Bronze dagger 700
Gold dagger 20000
Spear 144
Shake spear 18225
Reaper's Scythe 18721
Fly swatter 10
Pitchfork 100
Spiked Devil's fork 18225
Black leather whip 11025
Club 100
Really big club 2505
Small shield 50
Oval shield 500
Silver shield 2000
Scaled shield 7500
Zoom Shield 30000
Torch 5
Lantern 100
Guide light 3000
Holy light 15000

Fred's BankEdit

Item Cost
Slugs 1
Copper piece 1
Silver piece 2
Colorful stones 2
Video game tokens 3
Wheat-back pennies 4
Gems 5
Copper pieces 5
Electrum piece 5
Gold piece 10
Bar o' copper 15
Silver pieces 20
Platinum piece 20
Electrum pieces 50
Bar o' silver 60
Topaz 83
Gold pieces 100
Emeralds 120
Rubies 150
Bar o' electrum 150
Platinum pieces 200
Rare coin 300
Bar o' gold 300
Bar o' platinum 600
Diamonds 1000

Deli 1Edit

Deli 1
Item Cost
Apple 1
Sack lunch 5
Dagwood 10
Multi-meal 50

Deli 2Edit

Deli 2
Item Cost
Apple 1
Cheeseburger 2
Steakburger 5
Dagwood 10
Iron rations 30
Home cooked meal 100


Item Cost
Healing potion 100
Extra Healing 200
Instant Weekend 150
Fully revive health 400
Gain some health 750
Instant Vacation 750
Gain health 5000


Item Cost
Skeleton Key 100

Madison BrewEdit

Madison Brew
Item Cost
Pretzels 1
Peanuts 1
Chips 1
Brewski 1
Mug o' beer 2
Horsch's Ale 2
Big o' Mug o' beer 5
Tad's best 6
Rich's brew 10


Item Cost
Bones 1
Checkers 5
Bag o' marbles 5
Old empty chest 25
Mac 128
Mac Plus 1024
Mac Classic 2048

We BEdit

We B
Item Cost
Torch 5
Banded torch 15
Lantern 100
Night light 2000
Guide light 3000
Sight lantern 9000
Holy light 15000


Item Cost
Wand o' frost 750
Wand o' lightning 2000
Magic missile wand 12500
A joke from Ritu 500
Teleport scroll 500
Escape to Outer Terra 500
Fully revive spirit 50
Fully revive agility 50
Magic Auto Teller 100
Gain giant strength 1000
Make monsters 1000
Empower Damage 5000
Christine's scroll 2500
Gain stamina 5000
Gain spirit 5000
Gain agility 5000
Invisibility spell 2000
Halt Time 30000
Wish for Any Object 65000
Hungergone 75
Revive spirit 25
Revive agility 25
Revive stamina 25
Instant weekend 150
Gain some intellect 1000
Potion o' speed 1000
Gain some health 750
U stink potion 1200
Ethereal potion 15000
Extra etherealness 16000


Castle Hall

Castle Hall Overview


The tile in the left fountain is called "The author's picture", so presumably it is intended to be a statue. This tile also appears in Poet's Nightmare and it is reachable by passwall of the east or south wall in the "dead" room. It's also examinable in Acknowledgments.

Tomb of the TaskMakerEdit

After the defeat of the TaskMaker, you've assumed the role of Protector of the Land. Castle hall has flourished into a thriving town of commerce. The port has grown, as have the markets - but the more things change, the more that is the same. The Magic shop is still there, with a slightly better secret. But where is the Armor and Hammer and your hidden home? Searching around the outside, you find your way into the ruins of the old shop and home. Your new home is behind your throne. As you sit on your throne, messengers brings cries for help from nearby towns and you go forth and resolve them, but why are there fewer guards every time you return?!

Long since hidden compartmentEdit

At 400 stamina, you can move the Seat of Leadership to uncover this compartment. Inside is a Medallion of TM Slaying (9). You do not need any stamina to put the Seat back.


A hidden Angel named Catherine is in the back of Castle Hall, accessible by ship. Bestow Bucky's famous beef stew to her to earn her Invocation (her name).


When you start the game, you are presented with a cosmetic choice of gender and functional choice of role.

  • Warrior: Can wield most weapons and armor, cannot use some scrolls, cannot cast magic.
  • Thief: Can wield light weapons, steal, pick locks, cast some magic.
  • Wizard: Can cast magic, option for peaceful play.


  • Many but not all tiles have received a face lift.
  • Keys will be your big initial expense, there are many more locked doors.
    • There are now symbolic keys, doors bordered by shapes now require that specific key item, these will never be used up.
  • Junk items are prolific to say the least. Every item now has at least one junk variant and they are much more common.
    • To compensate, the number of treasure items have increased and, with good luck, one can get up to a page of low to medium quality drops from a single monster kill. Expect to make frequent full inventories of treasure trips to the auto-teller.
Castle Hall TOTTM

Castle Hall in Tomb of the Taskmaker

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