Read through the excellent and highly entertaining TVTropes article on TaskMaker . I hope you don't have anything important to do for the next half hour.
Original TaskMaker: Wielding a torch not only stabilizes your food points but increases them when you rest. Great for healing or freeing up space in your pouch (possibly no need to carry food).
Original TaskMaker: Any and all stat gains earned by training conducted during the tutorial is carried into the main game. Given that your food doesn't decrease in the tutorial, not skipping the tutorial is a pretty good idea.
If you enter a dark world that requires you wield artificial light in order to see, how does anybody in that world see anything when you're not around?
Throwable weapons are not required to complete any tasks in the original game, but they are (AFAIK) required in Tomb to flip task-critical switches in Fracture.
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