"Welcome to HELL! A maze of fire should prove painful enough to teach you not to die. If this is immortality, are you sure you don't want death?" - In-game description

Hell is featured both in Taskmaker and Tomb of the Taskmaker. In Taskmaker, it is a maze with one possible exit out of four on each corner of the map, populated with wandering devils. The player, having lost all their items where they died, is given a butter knife as a weapon.

There are several ways into Hell: Dying, using DRUGS!, Eating an Adam's Apple, Casting a Hell Scroll, Drinking Poison, or Invoking "fuck" or "shit" into the custom spell invocation input (Incurring a -500 point penalty). Escape is purely luck given the position of the exit and your first or second choice, how fast Devils are, the narrow passages, and your lack of inventory and stats (except health and food). Pouches are now emptied on the way out as well as on the way in.

In Tomb of the Taskmaker, Hell is much easier to escape from, featuring four mini-games that seem to be oriented towards humiliating the character, such as giving gifts to demons, etc.




Before the TaskMaker's DeathEdit

  • Devil x 4 Hp:900, PW:1350, Evil, Angry.
    • A:"To heck with you!"

After the TaskMaker's DeathEdit

  • TaskMaker x 4 Hp:900, PW:14400, Evil, Angry.
    • A:"You infidel!"




CHANGES FROM v2.0.3 TO v2.1 Friday, August 11, 1995

  • Hell: Pouches are now emptied on the way out as well as on the way in. Therefore, with one exception, don't bother to load up your pouch with treasure obtained by killing devils.

Hell in Taskmaker Edit


Hell in Tomb of the Taskmaker Edit