Pentamerous LoadScreen

"The King's tomb -- Pentamerous was designed to fool every intrusive effort, and to forever protect the sacred man's final resting place." - In-game description





Map Edit

Pentamerous Map

Hints and Tricks Edit

Teleportation Puzzle Edit

Pentamerous TeleportPuzzle

Large arrows represent shortest paths through the puzzle.


Author's notesEdit

The Author's notes, dominating the southwest quadrant of the map, reads:

"Author's notes: TaskMaker began as a role playing board game in 1982. All that remains is the intent of the TaskMaker, the central name 'Castle Hall', and the name 'TaskMaker'. The original players were Dan (Zelphon Ki), Laura (Amber), Lori (Bunny), and myself (Vidair). The program started in September 1988 and was written part-time until Sept 1989. The rewrite to color and various improvements occurred in Feb - Mar 1993; After the licenses to the sleazy publisher were over! BK SR is evil!!! Almost all the work occurred after midnight, and apologies must go to my roommates - Mike, Rod, and Chris. My 1st system was a humble yet effective 2.5meg duo drive SE, 70 meg hard disk. Think C 3.0-5.0. David"