"This submerged dungeon lies below Quagmire. You'll need a pack full of basic staples and plenty of sanity to complete the task. You did bring a torch, right?" - In-game description


  • Obtain the TaskMaker's Possessions.





TaskMaker - Poet's Nightmare

Storm Impact Technical Support's guide to Poet's Nightmare


Happy Town in the bottom center of the map has a lot of low value and/or dangerous junk items. Be careful about using anything there.

It says "Empty Space" above "Happy Town".

It says "Get a clue - see" "The light - the" north of the dog park.

It says "P.C" "Sam" "Intolerance" "in rec" "Wrappe" north of the dog park path. It says "Secret Message" south of the dog park path.


Transcribed as is.

  • A vein, an oar; a smile for pleasant Samantha.
  • My gold, my love; A wish to be someone else.
  • Freedom is a state of mind.
  • Doom to tears, I sleep sweating and alone.
  • If confronted, I will lie and hide my pain.
  • Pretty eyes, petty goals; Gone mad
  • My soul is weekend, but unshaken in faith
  • I tried to find your name, but you had gone.
  • A million to luck, thirty-eight thousand to love
  • Triumph, sweet triumph, leave me once more, return when I wail!
  • If the ground is to be littered with software poets' remains then I am already dead.
  • Our last call was so sad. Do you still remember that 'you will'? I do.