Moving - Entering Silver Creek

Silver Creek loading screen

"This booming mining town is full of silver. The small camp turns out only small quantities of silver for a tidy profit. Yet enormous quantities are appearing in the open markets." - In-game description

Silver Creek is the third task-related level. The player must search Silver Creek for the Sterling Chalice.

Silver Creek is most memorable for its huge, open mine with scattered silver items. Silver Creek's primary foes are goblins, lizard men, and hobgoblins.


  • Obtain the Sterling Chalice.




Utilities & ShopsEdit

Silver Creek SnacksEdit

Silver Creek Snacks
Item Cost
Pretzels 1
Peanuts 1
Chips 1
Brewski 1
Grub 1
Apple 1
Burger 2
Cheeseburger 2
Mug o' beer 2
Horsch's Ale 2
Sack Lunch 5
Steakburger 5
Big o' Mug o' beer 5
Tad's best 6
Meal 10
Dagwood 10
Rations 10
Rich's brew 10
Picnic basket 20
Iron rations 30
Multi-meal 50
Home cooked meal 100
Spinach 500
Watch 50000


Silver Creek full map

Silver Creek map