As you level, you gain access to multiple spells. You start with Illuminate, and learn the following spells throughout the game.

Spell Name Effect Requirements
Attack Multiple Opponents ? ?
Blast Opponent Fires a bolt of energy in the direction the player is facing, damaging the first creature it hits. This spell consumes a large portion of the player's Strength, Stamina, and Spirit. Sufficient Strength, Stamina, and Spirit.
Frighten Opponent Causes a creature's attitude to change to Frightened if successful. Frightened creatures flee the player. Not always successful. ?
Hasten Self (Speed-Up) Speeds up the player. The player gets two turns for every one turn that all other creatures get. Additionally, conveyor belts do not affect the player while hastened. ?
Heal / Cure Disease Heals the player's health, Strength, and Agility, and cures temporary negative status effects (e.g. blindness, deafness) Sufficient Spirit and Intellect to cast.
Escape to Outer Terra Teleports the player out of the current dungeon. Permanently reduces player level by 1.
Grasp Distant Object Allows the player to get items from any visible tile as if they used the "Get" command. Player must be level 7 and have sufficient Spirit, Agility, and Intellect to cast.
Illuminate Illuminates dark dungeons, allowing the player to see without the aid of a torch or lantern. Duration increases with level. Sufficient Spirit and Intellect
Magic Map Allows the player to see a large portion of the current dungeon. At lower levels, the map will only show some tiles, with others being blacked out.
Other Spell to Invoke... Brings up a dialog box with a text field, allowing a variety of spells and other commands to be accessed. See Invoke Spells. Varies.
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