Maximize your wand return-on-investment. "Cheat" by saving your game before using a wand. If the want only inflicts 2 damage points and turns into a stick, revert and try again.
Get Rich Quick. Use the "Other Spell to Invoke" command to cheat. Find a valuable object, obtain it, then issue the "Restart Place" spell. Repeat until your pouch is full and sell or deposit the items. Advanced cheaters could use a macro program for Classic Mac OS to automate this process. (I like KeyQuencer.)
Fighting. Get into a position where you can only be attacked by one enemy at a time. Use walls, a ship aimed at a single square of land, close the door in front of you/bend a piece of fence back into place...
Fighting. You can't fight when you're ethereal if you choose to use swords and their ilk. However, you can use wands while you're ethereal! Buy some Extra Etherealness and a few wands. Use the wands to attack your enemy while you're practically invincible (ethereal).
Fighting. If you're going to bribe an enemy, do it upfront and don't plan on killing them later as bestowing a gift completely restores their health.