The Player

You play as a hero in the world. You start out knowing one spell and being relatively weak, but over the course of the games you become more powerful and increase your stats, using Armor and Weapons, as well as various other Items to increase your ability as well.

You also learn a series of spells as you level, each one being dependent on having a base score in a certain area. More information on the player can be found in the Manual.


You have the following stats:

  • Food: This monitors how hungry you are. A full bar means you have a full stomach, whereas an empty bar implies you are starving, and will slowly lose health. You can replenish this bar by eating food or wearing an item that fills it. In the early game, it's a good idea to have enough food items to keep you going, although food can be replenished by using the Food Ring in the first game, and the Candy Necklace in the second.
  • Health: this one is pretty self explanatory. You can regain it by consuming healing items, using the cure or heal spell, or resting. You lose it by starving, touching something that causes you to lose health, or being damaged by enemies.
  • Spirit: This is used for various spells.
  • Strength: This is depleted during combat. It is important to occasionally rest to restore it.
  • Agility: Not much with this stat. It can be depleted by various spells.
  • Intellect: this is reduced by various spells.
  • Stamina: This stat isn't used for much at all.


You can interact with the world in the following ways:

  • Get/Put
  • Use an Object
  • Wear armor/Use weapon
  • Do an Action (Open a door, flip a switch)
  • Bestow
  • Determine (A person's information)
  • Examine
  • Transact/Talk to a NPC/ATM
  • Fight
  • Rest

After beating the game, the player gains access to the Master's Menu, which has a set of tools to edit the world.