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The TaskMaker is the title character of the first game, and acts as a mentor for the protagonist. He is a powerful monarch that lives in Castle Hall and gives the main character a series of Tasks to complete, all based around retrieving various objects from increasingly difficult dungeons filled with various monsters. For each task completed, he rewards the character with useful supplies and questing equipment.


The TaskMaker requests you retrieve the following items:

  • Package
  • Chessboard
  • Sterling Chalice
  • Magic Book
  • TaskMaker's Possessions
  • Coat of Arms
  • A head
  • King's Bones
  • King's Crown

As the tasks continue, it becomes apparent that the TaskMaker is not the benevolent dictator he initially appeared to be, but a ruthless despot bent on ruling the kingdom with an iron fist. This becomes painfully obvious at the final task, where the player is told to murder an innocent prisoner. If the player returns to the TaskMaker without killing the prisoner, the TaskMaker turns on the player and the final battle begins.


The TaskMaker is by far the most difficult enemy in the game, possessing a number of unpleasant spells, including but not limited to the following:

  • Exhaust the player's stats
  • Heal the TaskMaker's wounds
  • Make the player blind temporarily
  • Make the player deaf temporarily
  • Make the player drunk temporarily
  • Teleport the player
  • Blast the player with energy
  • Creates a random monster

One way to defeat the TaskMaker is to stock up before the fight on wands and fully revive health potions. Open up with the wands, using the health potions as needed. Also, it is implied that a certain item will prevent the TaskMaker from teleporting the player.


After defeating the TaskMaker, the player gains access to the Master's menu, which unlocks the ability to manipulate the world by changing floor and wall tiles, adding NPCs and Monsters, and placing items. If the TaskMaker is generated on his throne, he makes a small speech about being unable to live without him. Thankfully, the spell 'kill' is added to the invoke other spell menu, which means the battle need not be repeated.
Taskmaker Angry

The TaskMaker