Trading Post

Terra Trading Post

"Five grand towers guard each other, with traps guarding the towers. This arrangement offers great protection for merchants, but unfortunately it can also protect any evil they carry." - In game description.

  • Angel

This map's angel is Kathy. She is located on an island in the lagoon Northeast of the central tower.

  • Hints

If you Gift the townsperson on the drawbridge, she will tell you which of the two map rooms has the correct order for visiting the five towers.

Despite being strongly protected, the labyrinth has little of value. The central tower has two secret niches with a Padded Cloth Armor and a Sword. The northeast lagoon has a small island (near the Angel island) with Banded Mail Armor, but you will need a Ship in a Bottle to get there.

A Ship in a Bottle can be found in a secret room in between the two small pools of water. From the central tower, go north to the blue curtains. Follow the words that say "GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO SLEEP." The block in the southwest corner is a passwall that leads to the secret room. You can use the Ship in a Bottle to get to Angel Island and the Banded Mail Armor, but you might want save it for later. (You will need a Ship in a Bottle to complete Isles of Muck.)

The lettering in the northeast lagoon says "HELLO SHIP IN A BOTTLE?" This makes sense, since the only way to read the message (other than an Intervention) is by using a Ship in a Bottle.

The lettering in the west lagoon is more obscure. The layout makes the order of the words unclear, but it reads something like "SNEAKY UFF BABY MADE YOU DAMP HUH PRESSED SAILING IF NOT NUF UNDERWHERE AM I? WASTE OF SPACE"

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